We are a well established, family run, full service law firm located in San Isidro de El General, Perez  Zeledon in the South Pacific  of Costa Rica. With over 54 years of legal service in Real estate and Corporate Law. Our Firm is renowned for a wide range of excellent services in the fields of, Corporate law, Real Estate law, Tax law, Notary services, Labor law, and more.
Making our client’s business experience in Costa Rica safe, efficient, and enjoyable is our number one priority. Our staff is committed to cultivating quality lifelong business relationships with an added personal touch.

CVFirm was established in the year 1957. In 1959, the Company extended its services into the legal Field. It was initially an accounting firm created by our founder, Mr. Casimiro Vargas Porras and father of our current director for the past 32 years,  Attorney at Law Casimiro Vargas Mora.

Our Objective

“To be the best Law Firm in Costa Rica, offering uncompromising legal and financial services and advice, personally customized to suit the specific needs of each and every one of our clients”


Our Mission

“Take the lead with innovative legal solutions and technology while constantly maintaining a safe and protective legal practice. Always concerned with your best interest we will provide you with quick and cost effective personalized solutions to eliminate exposure that will contribute to the success and legal stability of your personal investment or business”

“Our company is committed to offer only outstanding services; therefore our clients rely on a series of factors that differentiate our firm from other law firms”


– Commitment to continuous service improvement

It is our strict policy to constantly aim our resources at implementing and improving the services and products that we offer our clients. We reinvest our funds to facilitate; constant training of our personnel, acquisition and enhancement of our installations, office equipment, computing and information technology.

– Service and Quality
We provide specialized quality services, based on cost-effectiveness for the client while taking into consideration all the relevant aspects. We analyze situations in an integral manner, not limiting ourselves to only fulfill our clients’ needs, but to also concern and include all the other aspects that may impact legally or financially to the client. We are oriented toward swiftly responding and obtaining results. Honesty and respect towards our clients and the protection of their interests are the basic principles of our company. We facilitate businesses, by considering possible future scenarios and applying efficient preventive measures.

– Technology
We use advanced technology for the creation of documents, case management, communication and internal/external coordination. Thanks to our “in house” Department of IT professionals we have implemented Databases, File Management, Voice Systems and more. In order to guarantee the security of our clients’ information we maintain Firewalls, Antivirus and all other needed fully up to date protection programs. On top of that, we have implemented a continuous complete backup system that in the event of an emergency, we will swiftly reconstruct all databases guaranteeing the complete safety of all your important legal, business, and personal information.

– Our professionals

Our professionals are members and graduates of top respected Law and Accounting Schools throughout Costa Rica and are fluent in the English language. All our professionals are legally authorized to exercise their respective functions with all the guarantees demanded by law for your complete protection. Our legal professionals are also kept up to date in their respective fields through constant internal review, education programs, private seminars and lectures.

“Continuous commitment to excellence, quality service, technology, constant education, and above all, to create safe and protective personalized solutions to satisfy your needs, is our formula to be the law office of choice for the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.”

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