Starting on May 1, 2012 and according to regulations published in the Official newspaper, (“La Gaceta”), Costa Rican National Registry will be providing a new service to the users.

By means of this new service, National Registry will notify its users of any document presented to National Registry and by which either a property or a vehicle has been transferred or affected. This is a recommended service for any property or vehicle owner, or any other person having a special interest on a specific property or vehicle, since they will be allowed to detect any fraudulent transaction on time to stop it. A fraud does not happen very often; especially in the area where we are located (South Pacific) those frauds are rare, but if the service is available and the price is reasonable, it may be a good idea to have this service.

The service is provided only to whom subscribe it and pay a yearly flat rate of US$15,00

Subscribing the service must be made online, through the National Registry web page, but the section to do it, in such page, is expected to be available on May 01st, 2012.


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