Attorneys at Law in San José, Costa Rica

San José is the most populous province and the capital of Costa Rica. It is in the Central Plateau or the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM).

According to the Visit Costa Rica site:

“It is an extensive plain guarded by majestic volcanoes and green hills that confirm the natural wealth that exists throughout the national territory… Founded in the first half of the 18th century, San José is today a city where visitors from all over the world converge; It is a city full of places of interest, as well as faces and colors that reflect the history of a people”.

With a diverse architecture and a multicultural gastronomic offer, San José offers a wide variety of tourist, commercial, and financial services, with the presence of multinational companies.

In addition, it is a city with a very active nightlife, with theaters, cinemas, museums, large shopping centers, and avant-garde hotels. In San José, you can get up close and experience the history and culture of Costa Rica, either because you are passing through or because you live there.

Our offices are located 3 hours from San José, but we also provide advice virtually, for your convenience and easy access. Contact us if you need more information.

Legal Services in San Jose

Real Estate

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Due Diligence & Compliance

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Corporate Law And Services

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Estate Planning & Succession Processes

In terms of hereditary law, we offer wills and estate planning, but also probate procedures and successions without a will. [read more]


Trusts are a great tool to make businesses and we are prepared to give you the best service in this area. [read more]

Notarial & Registry Law

In Costa Rica, the Notarial system is different from the common law system. To provide greater legal certainty in Costa Rica [read more]

Tax Law

With the growth of new regulations, today it is increasingly important to integrate the different legal areas so that the service is complete. [read more]

Labor Law

The labor issue is very important when buying land and/or starting a business. Not only because it is necessary to know the conditions that will affect the relations... [read more]

Judicial Debts Collections

If what you need is assistance with the judicial collection of sums owed to you or in an undue collection that is being made to you [read more]

Condominium Regulations

If your interest is to invest in the creation and sale of a Condominium, or if you own a property within a Condominium [read more]