Due Diligence & Compliance

Due Diligence & Compliance

Legal regulations grow every day, imposing new requirements and restrictions on real estate and other assets as well as requirements on legal and business procedures. Not only regulations from Costa Rica, but from other countries that would also apply to the businesses that their nationals do in Costa Rica. (Anti-money laundering regulations, anti-corruption regulations, etc.)

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for us to keep ourselves updated and adjust our procedures accordingly. Only in this way can we provide our clients with the investment security they desire and deserve.

Due to this, we have specialized in this area and we not only take care of the aspects related to the negotiation itself, but we also take care of the other areas that could affect it and that many times our clients do not even know that they exist and that they could affect them. Our goal is to make it easy and transparent, so that it does not add further complications to the business.

We also have a very strong anti-corruption policy and an anti-money laundry policy to avoid that our clients may be involved in an unfair legal problem, not only in Costa Rica, but in their country due to the transaction made in Costa Rica.

We use advanced technology for the creation of documents, case management, communication, and internal/external coordination. On top of that, we have implemented a continuous complete backup system that in the event of an emergency will allow us to reconstruct swiftly all databases guaranteeing the complete safety of all your important legal, business, and personal information.

Moreover, at CV Firm we have extensive experience serving as archivers of strategic and confidential information of our clients.

We are always concerned with your best interest. We will provide you with quick and cost-effective personalized solutions to eliminate exposure that will contribute to the success and legal stability of your personal investment or business.


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