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Legal Practice Areas

Due Diligence & Compliance

Legal regulations grow every day, imposing new requirements and restrictions on real estate...

Real Estate

We know that buying or selling a property is one of the most important businesses or investments for most people…

Corporate law and services

We offer you the best services to keep your company good standing and compliance with the regulations that affect it.

Estate planning & succession processes

In terms of hereditary law, we offer wills and estate planning, but also probate procedures and successions...


Trusts are a great tool to make businesses and we are prepared to give you the best service in this…

Notarial & Registry Law

In Costa Rica, the Notarial system is different from the common law system.

Tax Law

With the growth of new regulations, today it is increasingly important to integrate the different legal areas...

Labor Law

The labor issue is very important when buying land and/or starting a business.

Judicial Debts Collections

If what you need is assistance with the judicial collection of sums owed to you or in an undue collection...

Condominium regulations

If your interest is to invest in the creation and sale of a Condominium, or if you own a property…